What is Sumopanda Pass?

Registering for a Sumopanda Pass gives you access to all of Sumopanda’s games and services. Registration is free and no personal information is required.

What is Sumopanda Credits?

Sumopanda Credits is Sumopanda’s form of currency.

What can I do with Sumopanda Credits?

Sumopanda Credits can be used universally across all Sumopanda games to make purchases from the games’ Item Mall.

How do I get Sumopanda Credits?

Sumopanda Credits can be purchased through Sumopanda using Paypal or with any major Credit Cards.

What do I do after registering for a Sumopanda Pass?

After registering for an account, you can use that account to login and play any Sumopanda games. No extra step is required.

What do I need to register for a Sumopanda Pass?

To register for a Sumopanda Pass, you just need to supply your email address and then set a password.

What else can I do with a Sumopanda Pass?

After logging to your Sumopanda pass, you gain access to Sumopanda’s community features and support. Use our live chat support to answer any questions you may have about Sumopanda or one of our games.