Wilderness guide

Step by Step on how to gather in wildness (For newbie)

Hi, I have notice that some or quite a number of the players does not know how togather in the wildness or dismissing heros from position. So here is a step by stepguide (its kinda long) for newbies who just join Kingory. And had a better understanding on the game structure.

Step 1: Selecting hero for conquering/marauding wildness (Go to your Hero Lounge and click on it)

You will see something like this

Step 2: Appoint Hero (If you want to use any particular hero and it happens that the hero is not in Idle status)

*Click on the “Appoint Hero” button, and a window will pop out

Step 3: Hero position Selection (Select the hero position that he is at)

*If the hero is holding a position as Military Advisor, select Military Advisor
Step 4: Direct dismiss hero from its position to idle status (If there is a hero at the position, its name will be shown)

*Click on the dismiss button to direct dismiss him from duty

*After you have dismiss, you notice that your hero being a Military Advisor has been changed to idle status

Step 5: Selecting Wildness to conquer/maraud (Click on “Map” button at the top to go to world map)

*You will see different wildness/cities around you, select the level of the wildness you think you are able to take

Step 6: Chose Conquer / Scout / Maraud (Depending on what actions you wanna take on the wildness)

*If you want to conquer, click on the “conquer” button if rob will be “maraud. Scouting of wildness only require scouts and is workable even without a hero.

Step 7: Selecting Hero (You need to bring a hero along with troops for conquer / maraud / Gathering – Scouting of wildness does not requires any hero to be along)

*Under the Hero section, select the hero that you want to use.

Step 8: Selecting your troops (Note: Scouts cant be used alone for maraud and conquer actions)

*After you select the troops to conquer, the food is being calculate and deduct from your current city food. If your food is not enough for the troops to be send out, the mission is unable to launch.

Step 9: Checking out for your troop movement (Click on the “Troops” button at the top)

*When your troop reaches the wildness, depending on the amount of troops you bring, you may or may not be fighting with the NPC station at the wildness.

Step 10: Gathering (After the battle, and your condition for conquering wildness is met; your troops can be found under the “Gather” section)

*Click “view” to view the troops, below there is a button call “Gather”, click on it and your troop is now starting to gather. If press “recall” the troop garrisoning there will be moving back to city.

Here are some of the common things that players faced and had no idea what went wrong:

1) I have a hero in the city, how come I dont see him in my hero selection when I wanna maraud/conquer?
– Your hero could be holding a position in the city (Castellan / Captain General / Military Advisor) which means You have to dismiss him from duty first before you can send your hero out with troops. Note: Only heros with Idle status can be send out of city.

2) How come I keep getting “You can’t conquer/maraud a place without a hero” message whenI have troops?
– You must bring a hero along when ever you want to maraud or conquer a place and gathering at wildness. Only dispatch / transport / scout does not requires you to bring any hero.

3) I want to get pearl / corals, how do I get?
– Items under the jewel section are obtainable through wildness via gathering in it. Note: you need a hero with troops to gather.

4) I can only recall my troops via abandoning the wildness, is there another way to keep wildness while I can have my troops back?
– You need not abandon the wildness in order to get your troops back to city. You can Recall them back via “Wildness in Control”(Short-cut from the button beside your idle population) or “Wildness” via clicking the government. Click on the wildness that your troops station at, and click on recall.

5) How come I can’t send my troops back even if I recall them?
– Your troops could be in gathering status. Any troops that are in gathering status can’t be recalled back. You need to reap first before you recall.

6) I have a few multiple troops in different wildness and the status are in “Garrison” status, how come I click total gathering and yet I see some troops are still in “Garrison” and not “Gathering” status?
– You could have dispatch troops without any hero, Troops without any hero in the wildness cant start gathering.

7) If I had dispatch two troops to a same wildness, what will happen?
– The two troops will be combined as one. Example: You dispatch 50 labourers for first team(with hero), and 100 pikemen for second team(Without hero). These 2 teams will then be combined as one troop in the wildness.

8) If I had dispatch two troops with heros to a same wildness, what will happen?
– Only one team will be gathering and another team wont be gathering even if it stated that troops are gathering. Only one team can gather in one wildness.

9) If I had 2 teams in the same wildness, If I recall, what will happen?
– You must select which team (which hero you want to recall it back) you want to recall back. Note: If one of the team has already begin to gather, you are unable to recall that team.

10) If I accidently send a second troop to a wildness that already has a troop gathering at there. What will happen if i hit the “Total Gathering” option under the “troop – Gather”?
– When this happens, the first team that was gathering (Example: 1st team had gathered for 3 hours) will restart gathering. Which means if the team had already gather for 3 hours, the timer for the gathering will be reset.

11) How come I see my troop status are not constant? (Gathering, gathering, Garrison, Gathering)
– If you had sort your troop by “Expedition Set Off”, that means it will be sorted as which team leaves the city first. You may have your 3rd team reaches wildness and start gathering first. But when your first team reaches the wildness, you will see your first team troop appear at the first line instead of the last line.

12) Under what case that I can send my troops out without heros?
– Scouting, Dispatching, Transporting of armies, resources does not requires you to bring a hero along. Only Maraud, Conquer and gathering(You cant gather without a hero) requires a hero in order to perform the task.

13) How come I still can’t send my troop out for wildness attack even if I had Idle hero and troops?
– This could be different reasons behind this, one of it could be that you are sending Scouts only for Maraud and conquer attacks. Scouts cannot be used for maraud and conquer when there is no other types of troops (e.g. Archer) bringing along. Another reason is that whenever you send troops out, the troop need certain amount of food load in order to carry out the mission. If the required food load to carry out the mission is more than what the troop can carry, it will not carry out its mission. Next will be that if your rally point has reach the max. amount of troops that are sent out of city, you cannot send another team out. (e.g. Level 3 rally point can have 3 teams outside of the city. Want send the 4th team will require you to upgrade the rally point)