Kingory Equations

1. The Basics

1. Allegiance + Unpatriotic + Tax Rate =100
Example: Allegiance 78 Unpatriotic 2 Tax Rate 20, 78+2+20=100
Allegiance below 78 would be on the rise, whereas Allegiance above 78 would be on the decline
Appease Criticism in Government can raise Allegiance and reduce Unpatriotic for every 15 minutes.

2. Population = Population Capacity *Allegiance %
Example: Allegiance 80 and Population Capacity 10000 → Population = 10000*80%=8000
Population below 80 would be on the rise, whereas Population above 80 would be on the decline

3. Gold Production = Population * Allegiance %
Example: Allegiance 80, Population 8000 → Gold Production =8000*80%=6400
Gold Production is not a gradual process but an instant action.

4. Idle Population = Population – (Working Population + Building Population)
← Idle Population

5. The interrelationship between Allegiance, Tax Rate, Population Capacity, and Gold production.
Allegiance is in a constantly varying state, affected by Tax Rate, Population Capacity, Population and Gold production.
When Allegiance is 90,Tax Rate 10,Population Capacity 50000, Population 45000,Gold production remains at 40500, in a rather stable state.
When Tax Rate is 50,Allegiance drops 1 point for every 6 minutes. Also, Population and Gold production will be on the decline.
With Allegiance 50,Tax Rate 50,Population 25000,Gold production will be 12500, immune to variations.

2. Answers to Food-related Questions

1. Soldiers consume only Food while heroes consume only Gold.

2. Troops Uptake = Hourly Food consumption of your troops.
Troops sent to your wilderness consume your own Food, twice the amount at home.
Troops sent to your allies’ city consume their Food, twice the amount at home.

3. Soldier Types and the Hourly Consumption of Food
Soldier Types Hourly Consumption of Food
Labors 2
Rookies 3
Scouts 5
Pikemen 6
Swordmen 7
Archers 9
Cavalries 18
Cuirassiers 35
Richshaw 10
Ballista 50
Battering Rams 100
Trebuchet 250

Example: 1,000 Cuirassiers consume 35,000 Food in their own city but consumes 75,000 Food when stationed at wilderness. For lack of Food, Cuirassiers may perish.

3. Adjustable Ratio

1. Tax Rate
Adjust Tax Rate in Government to gain more Gold
Adjust Tax Rate to 100 to gain maximum Gold production. But Allegiance will drop 1 point
every 6 minutes. So do your math and make a smart choice!
Appease Criticism in Government can raise 5 Allegiance for every round by consuming Food equal in amount to your Population Capacity. You can appease criticism every 15 minutes, much like turning Food into Gold. Quite a clever move indeed!
Don’t forget to lower your Tax Rate as you login out, or you may have the result of 0 Allegiance next time you login in.

2. Work Efficiency Ratio
Click Production in Government to adjust Work Efficiency Ratio for differentresources.
100 Work Efficiency Ratio would surely be perfect but for Newbies, sometimes they may lack Population to use maximum Work Efficiency. They need to keep a little balance and manage their Population sensibly, in orderto secure a stand in Kingroy.

4. Others

1. The level of Buildings and of Technologies
The highest level for all Buildings and Technologies is level 10, which would require an item called Construction Blueprint, purchasable at Item Mall and obtainable through battles or opening Newbies Gifts Set.

2. Resource Production
At first you are given 8 resource fields and every upgrade of your city adds 3 more resource fields to your ownership.
Four Basic Buildings for production
At the early stage you may need tons of Lumber and Stone, especially Lumber which is vital to building city Fortification. Later Food and Iron may be in high demand.

5. Resource Yield

Hero Boost = Basic Production + ( Castellan Politics/100) * Maneuver Ratio
Here is the concept of Maneuver Ratio. A hero with 30 Politics carrying 30,000 Population has 100% Maneuver Ratio, with carrying 60,000 Population he can only have 50% Maneuver Ratio
Suppose I have a hero as Castellan with 80 Politics, 30 Maneuver, and 10,000 Basic Production, my resources production boost = 10,000 + (80/100)* 10,000 = 18,000

6. Population and Production

Population is the foundation of your tax income.
Working: You can see the working population in Government => Production.
Idle Population: Idle Population is for troop recruitment. Without Idle Population you cannot train soldiers.
If Idle Population is minus, then you are obviously having a huge demand on labor force.
Make sure you adjust Work Efficiency to better suit your own demand. If the Work Efficiency is set at 100, you are putting every peasant in your city to do that production.

10 Sawmills level 1 in your rural area, each requiring 15 peasants to fulfill maximum production.
Work Efficiency set at 100 means you need 150 peasants to gain 100% production rate.
Assuming now you only have 60 peasants and your Work Efficiency is set at 100, you can only get 40% of production rate since you lack another 90 peasants.