How to save your city

As long as your Allegiance remains above 0, your city cannot be taken away. Here is how you can defend your city.

1. To preserve your military power, do not respond to enemies’ maraudattacks; you only defend yourself when your city is being conquered. Click the following link:

settings at Rally Spot-Defensive Tactic

2. Use Parley to give you 12 hours of protection.

3. Use GOV-appease criticism-Disaster Relieve– to raise the Allegiance of your people by consuming food.

4. If Allegiance is going really low and you are short of food, use Patriotic Bulletin to reset your Allegiance to 100 and Unpatriotic to 0.

5. Call your allies in embassy for reinforcement.

6. Call on your league fellows to launch attacks on your enemies.

7. Apply Relocation Order to relocate your city.