How to Master Kingory in Just 7 Days

There appeared on the internet many posts about how to upgrade to high level in just a few days. All talks and no use! Now let me explain to you several keys to taking a firm stand in Kingory in as few as 7 days!

Kingory is indeed a very strategic Web Game encompassing military, politic, and diplomatic elements. Sensibly designed with appealing graphics, Kingory is, in my opinion, a top-notch fun-creator.

I started out as a Newbie too and suffered much since I had no one sitting next to me and guiding me step by step. So I hope by writing this article of illustration, I can help you gain some insights into how this game operates.

Day 1

1. Get to know the basics about Kingory.
2. Build infrastructures.
3. Look for your game pals.

The Newbie Guide has told you to follow the system instruction in Quest to ensure handsome rewards, so I won’t be jumping into details about it here.

When Quest Extend Our League appears, you are in for a treat. Pick a league that has low rank, which always has a welcome mat for Newbies regardless of their Influence.

As you have upgraded your Government to level 2, you may find yourself sometimes in trouble. See if the following explanation clears any doubt!

1) Move your mouse at the little icons for different resources and detailed information automatically surfaces.
2) Minus Idle Population suggests you don’t have enough labor force. Click Production in Government to check the production rate. Make adjustments!

Thus ends the first day. Somehow you find it becoming harder to build anything for lack of resources. But hey, now you probably have made a few friends along the way.

Day 2
1. Upgrade resource fields to level 3 or level 4. Don’t waste any resources.
2. Speed up Population growth.
3. Further improve on the city’s overall build-up.
Now you may have realized the mighty importance of gaining resource in this game. The focus will now be shifted to Politics, how to use your people skill and military manipulation .

Reproduction in Appease Criticism in Government can help you gain Diamonds and is very healthful to rapid growth. Spend 5 Diamonds to trade for resources through Market. Buy more Food to upgrade your buildings. You will be surprised by how amazing it works.

1)No need to upgrade to Government level 5 or Newbies Immunity will expire.
2)No rush on building Outpost. Remember to focus on gaining resources!
3)The resource ratio for your Government level 4:Farm:Lumber:Stone:Iron = 4:5:4:4
4)Fresh your Tavern more often. 3 to 4 heroes are suitable for your development.

Day 3
1. Upgrade your resource fields to level 5 or level 6 if possible.
2. Build more Cottages.
3. Capture some wilderness.

Apply the items in your Newbie Gifts Set.

Now use the small troops to maraud wildernesses below level 3. They will help you enhance resource production. With a Government level 4, you are allowed to maraud 4 wildernesses.

1)Still remember to focus on resource production.
2)14 Cottages, 6 Barracks, 2 Warehouses and other buildings are recommended.

Day 4
1. Upgrade your resource fields to level 7 or level 8 if possible.
2. Build more Archers
3. Capture wilderness of higher level to gain greater Influence.
4. Make sure you have 14 Cottages level 5
5. Upgrade Technology to level 5.

Now you will find it amazing to have 6 Barracks level 4 build Archers in just a minute! I am sure your Influence is shooting high and you have noticed some of your friends out of Newbie Immunity may be having a very hard time. Trust me, you don’t have to end up like them If you try hard enouth.

1)Reserve you Pearl for Noble Rank.
2)Take caution while conquering wilderness defended by different soldier types. Normally your Archers are effective against Rookies. So attack the wilderness filled with Rookies to gain Influence like crazy!

Day 5
1. Upgrade your resource fields to level 8 or level 9 if possible.
2. Build more troops.
3. Capture wilderness of higher level to gain greater Influence.
4. Earn more Gold.

Some say it is enough to upgrade your buildings and resources to just level 7 based on the ratio between consumption and production. But that is a very unscientific theory due to the fact that resources production plays a strategic role in the game play. Think long term, and build resources fields as early as possible to ensure resources supply in the long run.
You may know by now that with a Government level 4, 20,000 population is hard to come by since you can only build Cottage level 5. Normally your population fluctuates somewhere between 15,000. Manage your population wisely!

Wilderness production may vary The wilderness captured by heroes would demote 1 level every 24 hours. The unemployed wilderness would randomly change its level, balanced by the level of the local player

It is common knowledge that wilderness in control would drop 1 level every 24 hours. The unoccupied wilderness would randomly change its level, for the sake of balancing the level of nearby heroes. But this is something tricky going on here. The average level of your wildernesses is also at play. Say you already have one wilderness level 7, and two wildernesses level 8, but since the moment you capture another wilderness level 6, the previous three wilderness boost would drop significantly.

Day 6

1. Upgrade your resource fields to level 9.
2. Build more troops.
3. Capture wilderness of higher level to gain greater Influence.
4. Improve city facilities and upgrade buildings. Warehouse should reach level 5 or higher.
5. Upgrade Technology for soldiers and train more advanced soldiers.
6. Prepare for the expiration of Newbies Immunity.

On the sixth day, you may get the main idea of where you are going. Now it is all about waiting. Maybe you are too anxious to get of Newbies Immunity, or maybe you have established your second city. But nothing matters. In the end it all comes down to what you’ve got in the past 5 days:

Resource fields of level 9

3000 Archers

1000 Cavalries

Fortification level 5

2 Warehouses of level 5

See? Now it is not easy to hijack your resources, let alone conquer your city.

Day 7

What to do next? Yeah, grab a glass and enjoy the success you’ve earned. The world will soon succumb to throne!