How to maintain millions of troops – Walkthrough

Requirement: At least 2 cities (preferably 3+). Each city has to have lvl 9 rally point (the higher the better)

Step 1. Focus ALL troops into one city except scouts and rickshaw. (Scout can go too if you like…)
Step 2. This is what happen when you have all troops into one city

Why is this good? Well Kingory does a food check every hour (00:00, 01:00, 02:00 etc….). That means you can have that negative amount of food for 59mins 59seconds. As long as some food arrives when the hour is up, the troops will notdesert you and will continue to last till the next food check at the full hour. The pointhere is to send enough food to last 2-3 minutes (from 0:59mins till 1:01) so that the other 58-59mins, you can have negative food as much as you want.

Step 3. So in this step, you take your total amount of food being consumed in that city and divide by 60. This is the amount of food cost per minute. Again, you need to send enough to last for 2-3mins until it pass the food check at the hour.

Step 4. At this point, you are wondering, if I can do this, do I have to continue it every hour? How do I go to sleep? The answer is no and hence why you need more than one city (the more the better because it allows you to continue the following process while you are away from Kingory.

Step 5. When you begin the transport, you will notice this

Since I want to send rickshaw, it will take this much time to arrive

It will take 47mins 35s to arrive. However, I want it to arrive near the hour mark, so I add the bivouac lag and the result is as follow

Step 6. Keep sending resources that will last 2-3 mins to the city holding all your troops and increase it by each hour in the bivouac lag. The result would be something like this

As you can see above, I currently have 6 hours until I have to resend armies out with food for each hour to Nesme. I can do it now and add more troops (7h, 8h etc…) or later on as I wish.

Each city with a lvl 9 rally will allow you to send 9 armies, one for each hour. (I recommend 7 armies per city so that you have 2 spot to scout and attack stuff as needed.) Ex: I have 11 cities, so I can be away from Kingory for 10 (-1 for the main city that hold all the troops) x 7 armies = 70hours and still maintain my troops without desertion. What make this process so game breaking is that you can send out ALL your troops to gather… and the result is as follow:

After 21 hour 55 minute 38 second’s gathering, you get 109480848 Food,8 Pearl ,1 Jade,1 Coral ,1 Star Gem,1 Emerald, in Lake[64,328]
After 21 hour 55 minute 12 second’s gathering, you get 7117029 Stone,2 Emerald,1 Pearl ,7 Agate,4 Coral ,3 Jade,1 Liuli, in Desert[61,320]
After 21 hour 56 minute 29 second’s gathering, you get 80036354 Wood,3 Pearl ,4 Amber,1 Agate,4 Liuli,1 Coral , in Forest[64,324]
After 21 hour 56 minute 29 second’s gathering, you get 28027694 Iron,6 Agate,2 Jade,1 Star Gem,4 Crystal,1 Pearl ,1 Emerald, in Mountain[65,326]

This is how I was able to hold a huge army , gather tons of jewelries, and resources enough to train troops while sending extra out to people in the league. Just remember that the higher the level wilderness you gather with your army, the more resources you are going to get.

Is this legal?
Yes it is. Many people have considered this as a bug but this have been around in the Chinese server for ages, and they never fixed it. The game even provided the function to enable this process (bivouac lag). Some have even claim this was “hacking” (Sebrun…), but that’s simply because they do not know how to do this.

What are the benefits?
As you can see above, I am able to hold an army that cost 8mil food (-16mil while they are out gathering) at a cost of around 400k food per hour. When I reap, i get easily 100mil food in return after 22 hours. This is enough to train or conquer a county as I wishes. You can also send these out to other city to train more troops. Combine with the guide of how to maintain level 10 wilderness, you can have as much resources as you like. You can also train heroes to lvl 100 in other cities while not worrying about maintaining the massive food cost of your army.

What are the cons?
With great benefits come great cons. If you somehow forgot to send food along for an hour or send troops but forgot to send food for that hour, all your troops will stop gathering and return to your city. If there are troops inside the city, they will desert you. Furthermore, you are suspectible to attack on your gathering wilderness during the initial stages when your army is small (like 25k archers at wilderness), resulting a a huge loss of troops if someone wanted to wipe you out. However, toward the later stages when you have 50k calvaries and 25k ballistae out, no one will bother you….

Lastly, if you meet a money user who knows what they are doing… they can make you pay dearly with strategems such as Weakest Link if they hate you enough. I’d suggest using a MA with high INT in the city you are putting all your troops on to prevent them from applying strategems successfully.

Why did I not write this earlier and just now?
Originally, I have made this known to players of Goryou on S1 but decide to share it with certain people to prevent leaking and people becoming too powerful and joining another league with the secret. It is selfish but if you see the difference between league that uses this technique (Dynasty) and league that doesn’t (Empire) on server2, you can see who has more counties/shire.

What if I have less than 5 cities? Can I still do this trick?
Yes you can. Instead of transporting as the guide suggest, you can do dispatch and then manually return the troops home without biouvac lag time. This will cut down time for your armies to return. Say you send an army for 10 hours, it will take 10 hours to return. If you dispatch however, it will arrives after 10 hours, and then you can send it back manually and it will take but a few minutes. The tip was pointed out by Gibs, so hooray for people who aren’t high knight can also participate in this if they are active enough (it will requires less armies = less cities needed) 😎