How to conquer a county

Guide to take a county……
( I know there is one done already from the other kingory host forum, but it is a bit incomplete and the nice player that have made it was chinese and had little english issues, mods feel free to relocate this tread)

tips read before u scroll trough too fast and underestimate the county.

Even with the guide 90% of the players will face a total mess on their first try, so be aware to keep your mental heath and also no face total deception that a guide is meant to help out and doesnt replace hard aquired experience. Taking a county should be done after of few months of play, if u have mastered the battle control perfectly (witch takes a while) you will be in the 10% that will have a victory and a county on their first try. If you are in the rest of the 90%, as I was, get mad, yell a little bit, then calm down, copy the detailed text of the battle report in a word file, save it for later and go watch tv!
Come back 1-2 days later and study what u have done wrong….
end of warning.

The standard way to take a county require (per wave) :
Requirements :

Helpful items :
green wrap book
military, tiger, strat amulet
war drum
cosmo hexagram

Maraud Part : (have you second best brv and mnv hero apointed to that task)
50K archers
1,1,1 layer of pike sw cuir
50K cavs. (maybe less depending on your hero manuver)

Conquer part : (have your best brv and mnv hero apointed to that task – hes the one that should get all the amulets)
12K ballistas
5K rams
10K archers
1k sword
1k pikes
15K scouts
40K rooks

also a LOT of food to sustain that huge army of your for several hours of constant attack, the first maraud should give u a bunch too.

a few mil gold to make sure that you can always heal the troops that got saved by your precious green wrap book.

Those are the troops that you send on your first few conquers, you will notice that the defences dont regenrerate as fast once u pass about 6-7 conquer. But for the first few from archers to rookies you will take major losses since those have the job to clear out the defences and protect your siege weapons.

(I only have a picture of one that have already been marauded, but the wall is a full clean one tho… sorry about that…)

the launch
Now for the mechanics, thats where it start to be a little too much to explain. You will find that the 30 second that seem sooo long in the arena is very very short.

Maraud part – 1
First clear out the troops with a maraud, archers do most of the job and the cavs are launch around the 3rd 4rt round to clear the trebs, ballistas. That part is easy. However, there is no point is clearing with a maraud if your conquer doesnt land while its still in combat. Time your landing so your troops stay on await, so on your first conquer you will have only the the wall to take care of, witch is plenty.

Conquer part – 1

as soon as the battle of the maraud is finished, the button await will turn into command, you should be facing a full county wall, hopefully for the first and last time. (for that specific city)

Make the ballistas, rams, archers, rooks, pikes, sword, move foward. Ur archers are gonna take the hit for the ballistas while they get in range. Don’t have them cross the half screen (field screen is 3400 yards). the ballistas should always be behind all the rest, partly because of their speed, but also cause they need to stay away from the rest of the defences.

When the ats are down, launch the scouts at the wall, that will get rid of a lot of traps, the barricades and maybe if theres some left some rockfalls.

Then send out all the foot troops(rooks, pikes, swrd etc..) foward to attack the wall , keep attacking the wall with the ballistas but do go too close. when the defences are starting to get very weak or when u feel like you are running out of time and rounds, make the rams hit the wall, they should be safe while 2 step away from direct contact to the wall so keep them close but not too much. The 5K rams should take whats left of the wall in 1 round, maybe 2.

maraud part – 2
When your about to reach the end of the battle, send out some marauds to the county, per waves, close enough to hit when the battle is done but not too much or the enemy will close gates and well meanwhile troops regen. waves of 10k cavs do the trick.

Conquer part – 2 same old same old
The wall will atomaticly regenerate a part of the denfences immediatly, but not all, so when you get to 5-7 conquer, the wall will barely regenerate. One big trick is the faster the better! So teaming up to have 2 members of the same league attacking a county is actually quite a good idea.

Keep at it
each conquer will make the unpatriotic go up by 5
time is what makes allegence go down, 10 per hour is the normal rate. (stratagems roll in spades you can also use them to have a little speed up)

Read that guide several times before making an attemps, also make sure that u understand why I said to make those manipulations, that will help you fall into the 10%…. and well dont get too depressed if u make a mess on your first try, go back to the books and study the report to see where it went all wrong… live and learn.