How to capture heroes in NPCs cities

Well, there are thousands of high-level heroes in Kingory who are much more powerful than the normal heroes. Only very small amount of them are wildness heroes, most of the high-level heroes are in NPCs’ cities, for example Killen. How to find out whether a hero is in city or wildness? In “Rank”->”Hero”:

Those who don’t have a lord are wildness heroes, the rest are city heroes. Lord means the owner of this hero. All of the lords are NPCs before someone capture and recruit one.

It’s a very different way to capture a city hero from a wildness one.

Basically, you need to “conquer” the city where your target hero located to capture him. But you don’t really need to own the city in the end, you can capture this hero by chance in the progress of conquering. The lower his fidelity, the more possibility you can capture him.1

Here are some tips:
1. You can apply stratagem “Estrangement” before the battle begins. It can greatly decrease the fidelity of a random hero in this city.

Click “Stratagem” in your target city

Estrangement is in the top right of stratagem panel.

2. Maruad this city to kill the troops as much as possible before you conquer it so that the conquering becomes easier.
3. Apply Green Wrap Book before the battle to decrease your casualties.
4. about Fidelity and the chance to capture a hero.
– the fidelity decrease by 1 point in each victory, eitherbe a conquer, a maraud, a scout fight etc… even if u beat only 1rookie and get a victory, make the hero have a defeat…. that decreasethe hero’s fidelity.
– It has nothing to do with the allegence of the city, allegence can be at 100 and yet the hero be at fedelity….
-fidelity number represent the chance u have of not taking him on aconquer attack : ex fidelity = 0 u get 100% chace of catching the dude.Fidelity at 50%, u get 50% chance etc….