Guide to placing cities

As you gain rank in Kingory, you are able to build an increasing amount of cities. The question is… how to place them?

Here are a few thoughts and ideas I have observed through personal experience and from comments by other players in the game:

Clustering your cities (Placing all of your cities next / near to each other on the map)

1) Easy management and switching between several cities
2) Quick transportation / dispatch time between cities for resources and troops

1) Lets enemy players / leagues scout and view your total strength easily
2) Limited in the number of wildernesses to conquer, especially in heavily player populated areas and prone to wilderness battles between players, have to travel further afield for higher level wildernesses
3) Limited in the number of NPC / player cities available to maraud and conquer

Spreading your cities out (Placing your cities in different areas across the map)

1) Damage limitation – if you’re in a feud with an enemy player / league, makes it harder for them to locate all of your cities and wildernesses
2) Wider range of wilderness level and type to maraud and conquer without having to travel excessive distances
3) Wider access to NPC / other player cities to maraud and conquer

1) Unless you use the arduous approach of conquering a plain / city thatis far away costing you time and food, you will need to use either a Relocation Order or anAdvanced Relocation Order for the city to move it
2) Long transportation / dispatch times between your cities (can be alleviated by upgrading your Outpost etc)
3) More difficult to manage all of your cities (especially true as you approach higher rank and have 5+)

Recommended Placements:

Here are some suggested methods for placing of cities – remember these are based off opinion only and are no substitute for personal preference / game play. The examples given below are based off a player having 6 cities

Hybrid Method 1

Cluster the bulk of your cities in one area; relocate the remaining in different areas as “floating” cities
1) Have your main city complex in one area, cities being relatively close to each other to provide support to each other in terms of resource / troops dispatch and for easy management of the cities for constructing etc
2) Have one or two advanced cities (i.e. high level walls, fortifications, troops, technology levels etc) and use these to play offensively – move around the map using Relocation / Advanced Relocation Orders and maraud / conquer enemies

Hybrid Method 2

Have several locations each housing a multi-city complex

1) Place 2-3 cities in close proximity for two seperate areas, if some ofyour cities are low tech level, choose the strongest as your main city and keep the strength of your troops in this one with gates open to engage enemy for anti-maraud/conquer.
2) Keep the resource levels of your main city high to increase the maximum capacity.
3) Close the gates of your weaker cities and use them to train troops and dispatch to the main city
4) Initially, focus on building the walls and fortifications of your weaker cities to high level to provide protection against conquering
5) At the end of your playing day, store surplus resources in your cities markets and any left over to your main city to protect (note: this can be adverse if a player with much stronger forces overcomes your main city so use this option cautiously)

Another thing to consider with placing your cities is that when you become a High Knight, you are required to conquer a County to ascend to the next nobility rank (EPIC quest must be completed first – this is completed by all the server and is not an individual quest). It is advisable when placing your cities to place one or more adjacent to a county in preparation for this. You should not be more than 2 squares from the county or you will encounter difficulties in conquering.

Additional Tips and Tactics:

1) Consider the names of your cities carefully, it may seem unimportant but you would be surprised how many people give a great deal away from them. I have seen players with several cities called “Food 1, Food 2,Heroes 1, Stone” etc and some leave their newly conquered cities as default of “New City” which indicates it is weaker – this helps me greatly when choosing which city to attack!
2) If you find yourself the target of a continued assault by a stronger player, consider relocating a city or two and rename them – this makes it much harder for that player to track them down otherwise the player can simply type the city name in the search list and find your new co-ordinates
3) If you are online and see Alerts flashing, pay attention! Use subterfuge to trick your enemy, they take time to travel to your location so move your troops around your cities to confuse them.

For example, if you see enemy scouts heading for City A, move all your troops to City B before they arrive, then the player will see a report with the city unguarded, if this is followed by them dispatching an army to maraud City A, transfer all of your troops in City B back there before they arrive and open the City A gates (if not open already) and they’ll get an unpleasant surprise!! This is where having high level Outposts really benefit.