Beginner’s Guide to the PvE (PvP & PVE labeled) Arena

The first thing that should be noted is that there are 2 types of Arenas. Currently they are horribly mislabeled.

The PvP & PvE Arena is actually the PvE Arena.

There are 10 basic levels, each getting harder and harder as the troop counts rise.

Requirements: A Free Hero, At least 1 Non Scout Unity Royalty Rank: Livery, 3 Hours (That’s your time limit in an Arena)
Recommended items: Homing Pigeon, Mercenary Orders, Expedite Order
Helpful Items: Military Orders Bond, Document of Mercy, Expeditionary Order, Call for Battle Order

Levels 1-3 you can take your own troops and do relatively well.
Levels 4-8 should be pretty much ignored unless you just want to get a feel for how the Arena progresses in difficulty
Level 9 is my personal favorite.
Level 10 is nasty hard, but very doable.

First we want to look at what sort of Hero you should take. Note that you want a hero of a relatively decent level At least 10 so the XP they get is well worth the time, as the Arena is one of the fastest places to level a hero. The Arena is also the fastest way to build Inf.

Depending on the troops you’re using, if it’s a 1-3 I recommend a High Brv/Int Hero. If you’re using Merc orders, depending on the troops, you either want just High Brv or High Brv/Int.

Recommended Troops:
For 1-3s I recommend a decent number of Archers, with a group of Swords.
1500 Archers and 1000 Swords will carry you through a level 3 with minimal losses. Leave the Cavs at home. The speed trick only works on Mercs.

Enemy troops:
The Highest Troop Level you will face in the PvE Arena is Cavalries. At level 3 you can expect to see at most 1k of them on the final 3, though this is very rare. However they do tend to have a mix of Cavs and Swords with Archers occasionally appearing. This doesn’t always hold true.

Homing Pigeon – The Homing Pigeon lets you scout across the board. You can only move one town at a time. Using a Homing Pigeon on the final bosses gives you an idea of what sort of troops you want to recruit with Merc Orders.

Mercenary Orders – This allows you to use your Glory to purchase troops. Mind you these can cost you Glory if you lose a lot of troops, but they do save you from using troops from home. You can also only recruit one type of troop at a time. So to recruit Cavalry and Archers for example, will cost you two sets of Merc Orders. The more troops you get the more Merc Orders you’ll use. You can recruit any unit type available in the game. From Laborers to Trebuchets. The higher rank units require more orders to recruit large numbers of them. Expect to need a minimum of 4 Merc Orders for high level Arenas

Beginners should stick to 1-3 until they get enough Merc Orders and Glory to run the higher Arenas. Around 5k Glory is sufficient to run a level 9.

Expedite Order – You’ll use maybe 1 and rarely 2 of these, in an Arena. These are for when it gets to be crunch time. They get your troops to the next city in 10 seconds, regardless of how long the trip was. These are less useful once you get your troop tempo up and are running with mercs, but for newer players can be quite helpful.

Military Orders Bond – You should really save these for high level Arenas. However when you run an Arena for the next 24 hours you’ll get 3x the normal Glory you’d get.

Document of Mercy – You screwed up bad. Spent all your glory on Merc Orders, lost all your troops, and aren’t going to make it to the end and you just got a ton of negative glory. There is hope in sight. Document of Mercy will reset your Negative Glory to 0. It has no effect if your glory is above 1. This is applied to your total glory so if you have glory leftover from an Arena, it won’t do much. Also note that the server will reset your glory to zero once a day automatically if it is negative. So really, you only need these if you plan to do another arena after the one you just lost all your glory in. Otherwise, wait til the server resets it and try again the next day.

Expeditionary Order – This simply allows you to access higher level Arenas. 1 Order for each level over 10. As a new player to the Arena, you won’t need these.

Call to Battle Order – These items are for when you need to get into more Arenas. Maybe your guild is having an Arena fest and you used up your 5 chances for the day. Well use one of these and you can get in more Arenas.

The Objective:
At the NE portion of the Map are three named Heroes. You must defeat all three. They are the Judges: Sohn the Earth Judge lives in Lower Bent County, Jang Jyau the Heaven Judge in Julu County, and Jang Lyang the Human Judge resides in Cantionial County. They are the hardest Heroes in the Arena.

The Secondary Objective:
Defeat many other named Heroes and complete quests.

Getting Started:

First select Arena on the top menu. Then Select “PvP & PVE” (I know I know, it’s named backwards. Just do it.).
Down at the bottom select ‘Create an Arena’ It will have a dropdown to allow you to select the level.

In the lower right corner of the new screen is your options. From here you can exit the Arena, invite up to 4 more people, or leave the Arena.

Arena Details – Just tells you what level and how many people are in the Arena.

March – Allows you to add Heroes and troops to the Arena. You can Start at Ministrate City (The Bottom) or Riverside County (The top)
Riverside County is closer to your objective, and you have to go through less Heroes. If you’re pressed for time you can send a Hero from up there. However, since you want to hold onto as much glory as possible (check the Arena section of the item mall for the reasons) and you’re going to sweep these things soon with no issues anyway, just start at the bottom.

Arena Quests – This just takes you to the Quest Menu and puts you on the Arena tab. When you enter an Arena, Arena Side Quests and Main quests will appear. Suppress YT is the quest set you must complete to win.

Arena Members – Here’s where you can invite your friends, guildmates, and enemies if you’re so inclined. However you can easily solo these Arenas, however everyone in the arena at the time a Defeat Suppress YT quest is completed, can get credit for these quests. The rest can only be claimed by the person who completes it.

Exit Arena – When you’re done and time isn’t up, you can select this to end the Arena early. It will cost you Glory if you’ve not won the Arena to leave early.

So here’s how this works. When you first enter the Arena, you’ll see a lot of colored flags.
Green – Uncontested Territory and where you have a Hero right now.
White – Empty Uncontested Territory
Yellow – Contested Territory – Ie where your enemies are
Blue – Controlled Territory where Friendly NPCs are.
Purple – Contested Territory where you or friendly NPCs are.

If you look at the top of the screen you’ll see a timer. This is how much time you have until the Arena ends. If you haven’t defeated the three Judges by then, you lose. If you have, you win. Pretty simple right?

Ok now if you look to the upper right, you’ll see two empty boxes. Make sure you’re in a town with an Idle Hero in it. Then click the box and select a hero, and some troops, just like you would if you were going to send out an expedition. Once that’s done, your Hero will show up there once they’ve arrived. You can have 2 Heroes in the Arena at a time. They can come from other cities or the same one.
Note: You play the game as normal while in an Arena, so if you switch to Town or some other view, don’t panic. The Arena isn’t gone. Just click the Arena button again and it’s back. The Arena only ends when you select Exit Arena, or the timer expires. When this happens your hero and all of your surviving troops return to their home cities. Mercs go back to… Merc land, and you get the glory back for the remaining troops.

Once you have a hero in one of the boxes you get a new menu when you click on it.

Choose Troops – This makes this Hero the active hero you’re giving orders to. If you only have 1 Hero you can ignore it.

Check Details – Tells you What Hero you’re looking at, what they’re doing, where they are, and how many troops they have.

Dispatch Mercenaries – This allows you bolster your troops with Mercenaries. You can use the drop box to select Mercs, enter the number and it will tell you how much glory you have, how many you can purchase with your current glory, and how many Merc orders it will cost you. 5 Merc Orders seems to be about the Max that it will cost you to recruit anything and for that you’re recruiting a Large number of Trebuchets.

Withdraw From Arena – Pulls your Hero and their troops out of the Arena. Any Mercs remaining will be exchanged for Glory.

Time to attack!

Let’s assume you started at Ministrate City especially since you’re a first timer and don’t have the extra glory to start up top. Minimize your chat window so you can see it. You only have one choice of where to go. Fan Castle. It’s controlled by the Yellow Turbans. We don’t like them so we want to kick their butts. You’ll see three options.

Hwang Syun
YT Mil Advisor
YT Decorated Gen.
Each has an Offense or Scout option. If you brought scouts you can scout them and see what sort of troops they have. You have to attack at least one of them to get into the city. Hwang Syun is a named Hero, so it’s recommended you attack him first. So select him and select offense. Once you arrive in the city after your transport time you’ll enter a standard combat.
Just like with any combat, you must access it from the troop menu. They’ll be in the Expedition Tab. Just like with anything else, you can do other things while in the Arena. Build your cities, go fight other battles. etc.

Once your fight with Hwang Syun is done, go the the Quest tab. You’ll see that you completed a quest. It’s worth Inf and Glory. Get your reward and carry on. You can click on the town again and offense the remaining two enemies. But you don’t need to. There’s no quest related to them, and no bonus for clearing out the entire Arena. Just XP. You can get items from Arena fights, but this is rare.
Now you have two new cities you can go to. In the same manner click one of them and engage an enemy.

The base time of travel between cities is dependent on your fastest troop when you started the Arena, even if they were all killed off.
(Subject to change as this may be a bug).

The time between Offense is selected and a battle begins of a General/Advisor/Hero in an area you are in currently (Say you decided to attack that YT Mil Advisor in Fan Castle while you were there) is 7 sec.

Tips and Tricks:
You don’t have to be able to build a troop to recruit it as a Merc with Merc Orders.
Any Arena past 3 you’ll probably want to recruit Mercs as opposed to your own troops.
Taking 1 Cavalry with your Hero’s troops initially gives you Cavalry speed. This doesn’t work with Scouts and it won’t work with any troops except Mercenary troops. Your troops still have normal speed and the game will send Mercs at the speed of your lowest speed troop. Keep that in mind when carrying your own troops into the Arena.
Go Straight for the Judges, then swing back down and clean the place out. You should easily be able to clear out all the named Generals in your three hours.
You won’t need more than 1 Hero unless your battles are going slow. Unless you want to burn Merc orders for more Mercs, I recommend just getting a really solid troop and steamrolling. You’ll learn quickly what troops are the best, and what level Arenas work best for you.