Town Management

1. How do I gain more resource fields for myself?
One level upgrade of Government grants 3 resource fields.

2. How do I gain more Gold, resources and troops?
Different resource fields can increase corresponding resource for you. Build more Cottages to increase Population. The higher your rank, the more cities you can dominate.

3. What is the highest level of a building?
Buildings in the city cannot exceed level 10. The highest level of resource fields in rural area is determined by the type of cities that own them: City can have resource field level 10; County resource field level 12; Shire resource field level 15; Prefecture resource field level 18. If you want to upgrade resource fields above level 10, you must apply 1 Construction Blueprint, which is purchasable at Item Mall or throughgathering at wilderness.

4. How to add more construction processions?
You have got 2 construction processions upon entry of the game. Use Corvee Order to increase your construction procession to 5!

5. How to build a League?
Embassy level 1 allows you to join leagues, but with Embassy level 2 you can start your own leagues. Upgrade 1 level of Embassy and you can add 10 more players to your league. Maximize your league member cap to 100 with League Permit purchased from Item Mall.

6 Why do I have minus Population?
Upgrading and building more Cottages in your city is paramount in expanding your Population. Lower tax rates are helpful in attracting more Population. Use Item Census Order to rapidly increase Population if necessary.

7.Why do I suddenly have minus Food?
A number of factors are responsible for minus Food, such as the sudden increase oftroops, all troops stationed in your city, out-going troops in the process of gathering, and wounded troops in large number. Even the simple move of changing a Castellan or adjusting the Attributes of heroes can be an influential factor.

8.What do you mean by Visibility Distance and Transit Hour in Market?
Seller sets the Visibility Distance allowing only the cities that’s inside the radius of Visibility Distance to see the items for sale. Buyers who are out of its range will not be able to see the items for sale. If your buyer cannot see your merchandise, you might want to check your Visibility Distance and enlarge the Transit Hour.
Transit Hour measures the distance between two cities. Think of it as the minuscule scale of light year which scientists use to measure distance between two stars.

9. Why are there heroes taking spots in Hero Lounge?
On random occasion, heroes appear in Hero Lounge to swear to you their allegiance. They don’t consume Gold. You can either accept them or just reject them.

10. What do you mean by other cities sharing a developed technology in College?
To enjoy the privilege of sharing a developed technology you must meet certain requirements. A city of yours can share all existing technologies in all of your other cities as if its own. However, the city’s College must reach the prerequisite level of a technology before it can share the technology. Say for example, Lv 1 Leadership Skill requires a city to have Lv 7 College.

11. Will the level of wilderness change automatically?
Wilderness in control would drop 1 level every 24 hours. The unoccupied wilderness would randomly change its level, for the sake of balancing the level of nearby heroes.

12. What is the use of Gold?
Gold is often collected through taxes. It is related to tax rates and current population. In short, Gold is a currency of the game, used to purchase resources and give salaries or rewards to heroes to raise their Fidelity.

13. What is the function of Warehouse?
Warehouse is used to protect your resources from enemies’ maraud. Higher the level of Warehouse, more resources can be protected. But your enemies’ Maraud Skill diminishes your protection ability of Warehouse thus diminishes your protectable amount of resources. Meanwhile, the Cap Allocation (%) affects the amount of resources that can be protected.

14. Resource storage cap is related to what?
Resources storage capacity of your city depends on the number of your resource fields and their level. Storage Skill raises the capacity. However, note that Storage Skill cannot raise the storage capacity of Gold. Gold storage capacity depends on the level of Government.

15. How to abandon a city?
Go to Government and click All Cities. Choose Abandon and enter your login password to abandon the city. Note that you may not abandon a city if that’s the only city in your account. Also, you may not abandon the city that the Government who issues the abandonment order is in.

16. Where does the Quest Reward go?
Quest Reward goes to wherever you claim it. You may claim your Quest Reward in whichever city you like so that the city may get the benefit of the reward even you did not perform the quest in it.

17. How do I take advantage of the heroes that I have who have high Influence?
Switch your hero with high Intelligence to be the Castellan temporarily so that you may research techology faster.

Field Exercise

Will heroes be captured during field exercises?

1.No. But you can capture the Start City of the hero in field exercise, then as the hero is exiled into the wilderness, you can capture him with ease.

2. Any limit on daily field exercises?
No, there is no upper limit for field exercises.

3. Do I choose a high hero or just a hero to the field exercise? What is the difference?
Taking Diamonds out for field exercise raises the odds of encountering adventures. The experience gained from field exercise is not related to hero’s level but rather the type of exercise chosen.

Cities and Heroes

1. How many Administrative Decrees a privileged player can declare on a daily basis?
You can give 1-3 Administrative Decree to cities in County area (within 100 squares of radius), 4-6 Administrative Decree in Shire area, and 8 Administrative Decree in Prefecture area. Lo Riverdale, can give 10 Administrative Decree daily to cities nationwide. Lo Riverdale is currently unavailable so you can not capture it. Moreover, player’s Military Rank influences how many times he can use privilege.

2. What are the restrictions on privilege?
You must have a Government level 10 and certain Military Rank to use privilege. You can only levy on 1 city per day and you cannot give Administrative Decree to players with Newbies Attack Immunity, using Parley, on vacation or with other immunity. (metropolis city not included)

3. Is there any limit on giving Administrative Decree?
Yes. The condition of the target city determines the percentage of the benefits you receive by giving Administrative Decree.

4. Do I have to capture High Heroes with their portrait? How low does their Fidelity have to fall in order to be captured?
Portrait is helpful in capturing high hero, but is not necessarily the only facilitator. Fidelity is for reference only and does not relate to the odds of capturing High Hero.

5. Why do I get demoted after I have lost a County?
Your Military Rank is promoted partly due to the fact that you own a County. Now you must regain a County and then with enough Influence you can restore your former Military Rank.

6. How to distinguish metropolis cities?
On the Map, counties, shires and prefectures all have their distinctive figurations. See the pictures below to tell their differences. Click on them to see their owners.

7. How to obtain high heroes?
Use Gossip in Tavern to locate high heroes and send troops to their residing cities. Conquering their residing cities almost guarantees your capture of high heroes. But only when you successfully recruit them from your Hero Lounge can they swear allegiance to you! Tips! Press Inquire More button in the Tavern to obtain a portrait of high heroes, which essentially lowers the odds of their escape. But to obtain a portrait you must have a Tavern level 5.

8. What is the must for invading metropolis cities?
First, Epic Quest must be fully completed, being the prerequisite for invading Metropolis City. Military Rank, League Influence are essentials in capturing metropolis cities. But unfortunately Lo Riverdale is immune to attacks. Please check our official website for updated information.

9. Why are some of the metropolis cities immune to my attack?
The castellans of the Metropolis Cities may have many myrmidons whom you must capture one by one in order to cripple metropolis cities. Defeating and capturing myrmidons can be done by any players, not necessarily always by yourself.

Hero Equipment

1.What is the use of Military Advisor and Captain General?
Appointing hero as castellan can enhance city resource production, and speed up the construction time. Appointing hero as Captain General can accelerate the troop’s training speed and Captain General will lead troops for defense during an attack. Appointing hero as Military Advisor can accelerate the research time of technology and better handle the Stratagems employed by enemies. Castellan functions as Military Advisor and Captain General in the case that neither of them has been appointed.

2. When do I use Recall Past Heroes?
Exiled heroes may be waiting for their master’ summoning after a city has beenconquered. Spend certain amount of Gold to recruit them. If you don’t recruit them in time, you may lose them forever.

3. How to obtain heroes? How to deal with heroes?
You can recruit them with Gold in Tavern. Conquering their residing cities andwilderness almost guarantees capturing them. Sometimes heroes might defect to you for no apparent reason. But only when you successfully settle them down in your Hero Lounge can they swear allegiance to you! You can deal with heroes in Hero Lounge. But high heroes cannot be renamed.

4. Which factors affects Hero Boost?
Hero Boost is affected by the hero’s Politics, Bravery, Intelligence and Level.

5. What is the use of Equipment? How can I obtain Equipments?
Equipments can be use to improve hero’s traits, for example, Bravery, Maneuver, Defense, Offense, etc. Equipments are tradable with quest reward and purchasable at Item Mall. Assaults on wilderness or city can also collect Equipments.

6. Why does my Equipment Wearablity Cap is decreasing?
You can either repair or recover you Equipment. Repair means depleting your Equipment Durability with every repairing. Recover means with every recovery your Equipment Durability is also restored to its original status. You must repair by consuming Gold and recover by consuming Diamonds.

7. When my Equipment Wearability reaches 0, will my Equipments automatically disappear?
No, but you won’t be able to use your Equipments until you repair or recover them

8. Why the captured hero just disappeared?
A captured hero doesn’t cost any Gold. But if he hasn’t been recruited within 24 hours of capture, you may lost them forever.

9. How to reward heroes?
Click into the hero Interface and click the + sign beside Allegiance to reward heroes. Or you can simply click Item and then click Reward to reward heroes.

10. What is the use of Hero Traits?
Politics(PLT) It consumes Physical to battle for honor. Items will help to regain Physical more quickly.
Mental(MT) It consumes Mental to employ strategies. Items will help to regain Mental quickly.
Maneuver (MNV) Hero’s amplifying effect on Siege. 10 points increase Siege by 1%.
Speed(SPD) Amplifies Tempo of troop by 1% for every 1 TPO point. Ride can increase TPO too.
Offense (OFE) Amplifies Siege by 1% every 10 OFE point. Weapons can increase OFE.
Defense (DEF) Amplifies Siege by 1% every 10 DEF point. Weapons can increase DEF.

11. Why do my heroes and troops disappear as I abandon a city?
Transfer all your troops and resources before abandoning a city for all of them willotherwise be withdrawn by the system.

12. How to use Adv Relocation Order?
Go to Items > Adv Relocation Order > Apply > Enter Coordinate (on the bottom right) > click the Relocation button.

War and Combat

1. Can we attack a city by joining the forces with players of different accounts who have come before me?
Sorry, but you cannot. According to the order of arrival time, you must wait tillthe previous players finish their turns one by one before you can launch an attack of your own.

2. How often do I suffer a plunder from the NPC? Does it relate to my Noble Rank or Influence?
Player suffers plunder by NPC randomly. But Newbies under Newbies Immunity are protected. This random plunder by NPC is related to your Noble Rank and Influence in a complicated manner.

3. Why is the Hit Points of the Wall always full though I have defeated it to 0. When I try to attack a city, why are there still Rookies from the enemy’s city even though the player is off line?
Wall’s Hit Points is always reset to the fullest after every attack and Idle Peasant-turned Rookies are set to automatically fight againstinvasion, no matter the player is on-line or not.

4. What if my castellan stays in Offense status aftermy city is attacked? How to change his status?
Try replacing the castellan with an unemployed hero, or you can click Hero Lounge => Appoint Hero => Dismiss.

5. Why doesn’t the Soldiers in Military Rank coincide with my actual recruited soldiers in Barracks?
Soldiers in Military Rank refer to the required peasants for soldiers recruitment. For example, 1 Archer requires 2 peasants, then 2000 Archers would be shown as 4000 soldiers in Military Rank.

6. Why are my Siege and Guard both 0?
Siege means you gain Influence through offense, and Guard means your defend your city to gain Influence. Normally victors will be rewarded with Influence but when two sides have huge disparity in Influence, the player may even gain Influence in defeat. However, in NPC Battle, Influence simply doesn’tcount.

7. Why is the Scouting Report of cities level 1, quite different from my previousscouting result?
Current game dictates that if the city you conquer is the last one for your opponent, you can only get a city level 1. This is in accordance with our concept of Newbies Attack Immunity. However, if the conquered city is not the last city of your opponent, then thecitylevelwill only random drop 1 to 3 level or will remain intact.

8. Why does Battlefield Distance vary?
Battlefield Distance varies according to the range of troops from bothsides.Troops with long ranged attack capability such as Archers naturally havel onger Battlefield Distance.

9. Why can’t I dispatch troops to my own city?
Probably your Hero Lounge is full at the moment. Try upgrading it or you won’t be able to dispatch heroes or troops to your own city.

10. Why can’t I maraud my enemies’ Gold?
Current game setting dictates that you can maraud all resources except Gold through Marauding Battle; but through Conquering Battle, you can maraud virtually anything. But your success at marauding resources will be limited.

11. How to prevent being marauded?
Sell your resources to Market or transport them to wilderness with transportation troops. You can also simply upgrade building or resourcefieldsso you have nothing left to be marauded.

12. Why does my Influence fall in spite of victory?
Influence is determined by your troops population.If you lose troops massively during a victory, you Influence is sure to fall dramatically!

13. If during a transportation, the destination city is conquered before the resources arrive, what will happen to the resources?
Unfortunately, all the resources will be lost since the destination city has fallen.

14. Why am I told that I don’t have sufficient Load and cannot carry so much resource?
Your destination seems too far so resource cannot be transported by your troops. Consider upgrading your Load, applying technology for help, or just choosing another city closer to the destination to dispatch your resources.

15. Why can my enemies soon reinstall Fortification during my second strike even though I have eliminated all their Fortification during my first strike?
Repair Technology must have allowed them to repair their fortifications. Higher the level of Repair Technology, faster the fortifications are repaired.

16. After a maraud, why would I be warned in Battle Report that my target cities have been alerted and hid their resources?
In order for our players to have enough time for development, the daily success at marauding resources is limited so now you are basically getting nothing.

Arena System

1. Can I see other league players in the Arena?
You can see their troops and hero information.

2. When I drop out of an Arena, my Glory is deducted. What should I do?
If your Glory is negative, you cannot enter any Arena any more. All the negative Glory will be reset to zero at 5 am everyday so that you may enter Arena again. If you don’t want to wait, purchase Document of Mercy in Item Mall to skip the waiting.

3. How to obtain Battle Equipments?
They are tradable in Item Mall with Glory and Medal.

4. Any limit on the troop population sent to Arena?
Yes, you can only send 2 troops simultaneously. When one hero suffers defeat and is pulled back to the start city, you can send another back into the Arena.

5. Is Battle Equipment only allowed to apply in Arena?
No. The heroes can receive amplifying effect without restraint once Battle Equipment is applied to them.

6. How to obtain Medals?
You can gain Yellow Turban Quencher through victory in Yellow Turban Rebellion, Ywan Ferry Campaign Medal through victory of Ywan Shao in Guan Du Battle, and Tsao Ferry Campaign Medal through victory of Tsao in Guan Du Battle. Moreover, You can trade these Medals for Royalty Medal.

7 . Can I drop out of an Arena?
Yes, you can. But without completing the Main Quests, your action will cost you many Glories.

8. What is the maximum troop population I can send?
The maximum troop population sent for battle is related to Rally Spot. Rally Spot level 10 allows for 100,00o troop population. The same applies to the Mercenaries you summon.

9. What do I gain from victories?
A victory guarantees you to gain Arena Glory or Arena Medal, which can then be traded for BattleEquipment, Heroes or Hero Item. You can get even more by completing Main Quest s.

10. Can a city that has sent troops relocate? Will the sent troops and heroes be lostafter relocation?
You cannot relocate when you have troop out on an expedition .

11. Why can’t I enter Arena?
Low Noble Rank and a full Arena will prevent you from entering the Arena.

12. How is the distribution of experience arranged?
Only the experience gained from completion of Main Quests is shared. One player completes the Main Quests, making the rest of the players benefit from his complet ion.

13. If I quit the Arena before it ends, what will happen to my heroes when battle time ends?
They will be redirected to the start cit. If the union you belong to doesn’t prevail, then your Glorywill be deducted accordingly as the result of defeat .

14. Is the Hero Item used before entering Arena still effective after entering Arena ?

15. Are there any other battles besides Yellow Turban Rebellion and Guan Du Battle?
No. Currently we only offer two Battles. For further information, please check our website andforum.

16. No response after I click Choose Troops?
Choose Troops means selecting one troop out of the two troops in Arena. Now you can operate on the troop you select.

17. If a player enters Arena when the battle has been fought half way. How does he get his share of rewards?
Players can only share the rewards from Arena Quests and nothing else. Also, all players must bepresent during the completion of Aren a Quests.

18. Do the troops in Arena consume Food?
Food would be consumed before you even enter Arena. Lack of Food would prevent you from entering the Arena when you are on an expedition. But once your troops have entered the Arena, they don’t consume Food any more.

19. If you haven’t captured the Pve City, will its troops be recovered partially or slowly?

Before the Arena closes, the troops in Arena won’t be recovered. So you should keep striking until you taste the sweet fruit of victory.

20. When battle remaining time turns 0, will my Arena Glory be deducted?
If battle remaining time turns 0 and you fail to complete the Main Quests, you have failed. Arena Glory will be deducted acco rdingly.

21. What happens when neither side completes Main Quests when PVP Arena ends?
If neither side completes Main Quests when PVP Arena ends, then it is defeat for both sides. Glory will be deducted accordingly but the rewards from Bonus Quests can remain.

22. Can I use Mercenary Order in PVP Arena?
Sure. You can apply Mercenary Order in any Arena to recruit Me rcenaries.

23. How is the remaining Mercenaries converted to Glory?
100 Mercenaries are converted into 1 Battle Glory.

24. What to do with the recruited Mercenaries when I fail to complete Main Quest within the Battle Time?
Mercenaries cannot be taken out of the Arena. They will be converted to Battle Glory once you le ave the Arena.

25 Arena Player Limit is set at what?
Arena Player Limit for Yellow Turban Rebellion is 5, whereas Arena Player Limit for Guan D u Battle is 20.

26. Who has the authority to remove an ally that has already joined in our troops from the Pve Arena?
The creator of Pve Arena decides who should join the Arena. If the invitation has been sent and accepted, then it is not allowed to remove the invitee from the Arena. However, you can remove the invitee before the invitat ion is accepted.

27. How to invite friends into Arena?
Click Friend button to invite friends into Arena. Click Arena Menu on the lower right button and choose Arena’s Member where you insert the name of that player.

28. How to get Arena Quests?
Most Arena Quests are automatically assigned when you enter Arena, while some of the Main Quests are activated according to player ’s battling course.

29. How to find my own troops location in Arena?
Once your troops have reached a PvE City, the heraldry signaling troops location will flash. Normally, your troops are stationed at the Start PvE City. But if your troops are on an expedition, the heraldry wouldn’t flash.

30. If a player enters Arena when the battle has been fought half way. How does he get his share of rewards?
You can obtain battle rewards in 3 ways, by eliminating enemies, completing Arena Quests and gaining victory. Those rewards cannot be shared by others. Players can only share the rewards from Arena Quests and nothing else. But if the player enters the Arena right after certain Arena Quests have been completed, then he cannot enjoy any share of the rewards at all.

31. Will there be a huge disparity in troop population between the two sides in PvE Arena?
PvE Arena estimates the troop population from both sides before opening for battles. If there is an imbalance between the two sides, the PvE Arena won’t be activated. But once the PvE Arena is activated, there could be imbalance as one side attracts increasing number of players while the other fails to ret ain player’s attention.

32 When is Bureau Crossing Battle active?
From 8 am of one day to 2 am of the next day.

33. If I delete my battle equipments by mistake, can I purchase them again?
No, you can not purchase them again.

34. Why is Military Orders Bond purchasable both at Item Mall and Arena?
Military Orders Bond is purchased at Item Mall with Diamonds or Vouchers but it is purc hased at Arena with Glory.

35 If my city is conquered when I am in Arena. What will happen to the troops and heroes residing in my city?
Entering Arena means you troops are out on an expedition. So the troops and heroes in your captured city will be lost forever.

36. Why do I have zero Glory?
There is limit on how much Glory a player can receive in one battle. The limit is related to the level of Arena. If you cannot gain Glory in an Arena for having reached the limit, join another Arena so that you can gain more new Glories.

Player Incentives

1. What is in store for our new beginners?
Upon entry our new beginners will receive 1000 Diamonds worth of Newbie Gifts Set and Upgrade Gifts Set!

2. When will the Newbies Attack Immunity expire?
Newbies Attack Immunity will expire in 7 days. But if your Government has reachedlevel 5 in 7 days, Immunity would automatically expire!

3. How do I change my Lord Name?
First go to Item Mall for an item called Name Card. With one each time you can change your Lord Name in the interface.

4. How to acquire Vouchers?
Vouchers are acquired through system gifts, opening treasure boxes and participating in promotional events.

5. Can Vouchers be used to purchase any Items in Item Mall?
Everything except special offer, Arena equipment and heroes.

6. Do you have to pay tax on the winnings?
This depends a lot on where you are playing from, in many countries the answer will be a resounding yes. For example in Australia, pokies winnings are taxed. However for other countries and cities we strongly encourage you to seek advice locally.

7. What is the differences between Vouchers and Diamonds?
Vouchers and Diamonds can both be used to purchase Items from Item Mall. But Diamonds can be circulated through Delegate Quests while Vouchers cannot. Our latest 1.1.12 version emphasizes the use of Voucher, permitting it as the currency for Market transactions and Gossip.


Delegate Quests

1. Why does the rewards through Delegate Quest differ from the normal reward?
The reward you receive from your fellow player completing certain quest will be deducted 10% off as game fee.2. How to assign Delegate Quests? Any restrictions?
You must reach Noble Rank of High Knight and possess a Tavern level 5 or above. 1 Commission Letter is needed for assigning Delegate Quests.

3. How is Gold translate into other resources in Maraud Resource in Delegate Quest s?
According to the ratio in Market, 1 Gold=10 Food=10 Lumber =5 Stone =4 Iron.

4. If different players assign the same Delegate Quests, and the same player accepts them, does that mean the Delegate Quests need to be completed just o nce?

5. What do you mean by Delegate Quests? Does the trustee receive the Diamonds I give him and the rewards for completing Delegate Quests now belong t o me?
Delegate Quests are entrusting another fellow player to complete certain quest, with Diamonds as the reward. But whatever gained by your fellow player in the course of the mission remains with him. The reward you receive from your fellow player completing certain quest will be deducted 10% off as game fee.

6. How many Delegate Quests can I activate all at once?
One player can assign 10 Delegate Quests and accept 25 Delegate Quests.

Other Questions

1.How do I get jewelries such as Pearl or Amber?
Go gather in the wilderness, which includes lake, barren, upland, forest, etc. Those jewelries are also purchasable at Item Mall.

2. How do I gather in a wilderness?
After selecting a wilderness on the Map, click on it to collect treasures. Treasures may include resources relevant to the wilderness.

① Capture a wilderness.
② Send troops and heroes to station at the wilderness. The troops must be headed by a hero or you cannot gather.
③ Click Gathering after you enter the Wilderness interface and you can start gathering.
④ Click Reap and you get the chance to obtain more Items.

3. Why my fellow players didn’t receive the resources I had transported to them ?
Bandits often plunder your goods during transportation, especially when you have lower Influence than your fellow players. Also, high-value transportation resources increases the odds of being plundered.

4. Why can’t I chat?
Please try renew your DNS setting. Insert ipconfig /flushdns into command prompt and close your browser to login again. Activate command prompt by clicking Start—Run, and insert cmd. If nothing works, that means administrator has blocked your IP address.

5. Why can’t I open the website with the domain name?
This problem is probably caused by weak Internet connection of you local network. Try closing the browse and login again.

6. Solution to the screen black out and flash 9 installation.
It requires flash player installation to enter Kingory. Just follow the instruction to install the newest flash player.

7. Why are simultaneous multiple registrations forbidden?
We forbid players to take advantage by multiple registrations. If that is not your case, you can delete cookies in Internet Option of your browser and login again.

8. How do I cancel my account?
Currently you are forbidden to delete any account. But if you are dissatisfied with you current account, feel free to register again. But those who make illegal profits from registering multiple accounts will be severely punished according to the law.

9. Why does the screen black out and suggests that I should install flash player ?
Yes, it requires flash player installation to enter Kingory. Just follow the instructions to install the newest flash player.

10. Why can’t I receive rewards upon entry even though I have recharged my account?
You must reach Noble Rank of Livery to receive the reward upon entry. If you don’t collect the reward, you are choosing to forfeit it.

11. Why does my game website keep loading like forever?
You can try adjusting your browser setting. Click Tool and check Internet Option. Click Delete Cookies and login again.

12.What do you mean by sharing a developed technology?
To share a developed technology you must meet certain requirements. Forexample, you must have a College level 7 to study Leadership Skill level 1.

13. Why does my Influence fall in spite of victory?
Influence is determined by your troops population. If you lose troops massively during a victory, you Influence is sure to fall dramatically.

14. What do I do if I have questions?
You can submit your questions to the Customer Service on our forum. We will reply as soon as possible.

15. What else can I do to gain Influence besides doing quests?
You may get Influence by upgrade building, and research techonlogies in College besides doing quests. In fact, you’re gaining Influence whenever you’re consuming resources.