How to Master Kingory in Just 7 Days

There appeared on the internet many posts about how to upgrade to high level in just a few days. All talks and no use! Now let me explain to you several keys to taking a firm stand in Kingory in as few as 7 days! Kingory is indeed a very strategic Web Game encompassing military, … [Read more…]

Wilderness guide

Step by Step on how to gather in wildness (For newbie) Hi, I have notice that some or quite a number of the players does not know how togather in the wildness or dismissing heros from position. So here is a step by stepguide (its kinda long) for newbies who just join Kingory. And had … [Read more…]

Kingory Equations

1. The Basics 1. Allegiance + Unpatriotic + Tax Rate =100 Example: Allegiance 78 Unpatriotic 2 Tax Rate 20, 78+2+20=100 Allegiance below 78 would be on the rise, whereas Allegiance above 78 would be on the decline Appease Criticism in Government can raise Allegiance and reduce Unpatriotic for every 15 minutes. 2. Population = Population … [Read more…]

How to save your city

As long as your Allegiance remains above 0, your city cannot be taken away. Here is how you can defend your city. 1. To preserve your military power, do not respond to enemies’ maraudattacks; you only defend yourself when your city is being conquered. Click the following link: settings at Rally Spot-Defensive Tactic 2. Use … [Read more…]

Military Rank

Military Rank Sergeant –by default Second Lieutenant –Government reaches Level 2, 10000 Gold Lieutenant –Government reaches Level 4, 20000 Gold, 5 pearl Captain –Government reaches Level 6, 30000 Gold, 5 Coral Senior Captain –Government reaches Level 8, 40000 Gold, 5 Liuli Major –Government reaches Level 10, 50000 Gold, 5 Amber Colonel –Gold 100,000, Noble Rank … [Read more…]

Guide to placing cities

As you gain rank in Kingory, you are able to build an increasing amount of cities. The question is… how to place them? Here are a few thoughts and ideas I have observed through personal experience and from comments by other players in the game: Clustering your cities (Placing all of your cities next / … [Read more…]

How to capture heroes in NPCs cities

Well, there are thousands of high-level heroes in Kingory who are much more powerful than the normal heroes. Only very small amount of them are wildness heroes, most of the high-level heroes are in NPCs’ cities, for example Killen. How to find out whether a hero is in city or wildness? In “Rank”->”Hero”: Those who … [Read more…]

How to conquer a county

Guide to take a county…… ( I know there is one done already from the other kingory host forum, but it is a bit incomplete and the nice player that have made it was chinese and had little english issues, mods feel free to relocate this tread) tips read before u scroll trough too fast … [Read more…]